Headbanging takes the place of shoegazing on this

4. Sami Vatanen, New Jersey DevilsA disappointing season for the Devils has already led to changes in the front office and behind the bench, as well as the December trade of winger Taylor Hall to Arizona. More could coming at the deadline with Vatanen perhaps their most attractive trade chip.

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In fact, he hadn’t even registered a shot on goal, and I asked whether the fight was a sign Iginla felt he wasn’t doing enough. His response was along the lines of a “what do you think?!” attitude. My thought was it was a fair response from someone who was frustrated, especially knowing my delivery of the query was far from perfect.

After the Mavericks scored the lone goal of the first period, forward Alex Dahl (1:51 2nd) answered back in the next frame to tie the game, 1 1. A shorthanded goal by the Mavericks helped seal the 2 1 win. Colton Point (5 2 1) halted 33 of 35 shots in the loss..

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