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Why should your child attend summer camp in Brooklyn? There are many good reasons why summer camps in Brooklyn are experiences seriously worth considering, but they will be different for parents than they are for kids. To start with, camps represent the perfect environment to develop skills. While your child may not be interested in outdoor activities, they are healthy for him.

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And, of course, there’s good ol’ Roger Stone. He lied to Congress about helping the Russians help Trump get elected and then tampered with the jury but, hey, what the heck, he and Donald go way back. But, stinkin’ rats, like Michael Cohen, that’s different that f snitch up! In this country, bad guys get what’s coming, including those silly ass, peaceful protesters at Lafayette Park across from the White House.

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But in the meantime and to set the stage, reserve one hour, 22 minutes, and 25 seconds out of your coming workweek. Your tutorial in Soul Train line dancing is here. And remember: “Jesus Is Waiting.”. Here’s our chance to have some fun. You tell me you love gardening, and roses are your passion. Let’s go for a floral wallpaper in there.

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